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RussCo Heating and Cooling Promise:

Thank you for choosing RussCo Heating and Cooling! Since May of 2007, it is our mission to meet all your heating and cooling needs with quality and excellence. We are a company that specializes in; Air Conditioning service and A/C installation, Furnace service and Furnace installation, Preventative maintenance, Residential and Commercial service and installation. Thank you for choosing RussCo... It's the way to go!



We service and install Residential;

Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Ductless systems and Ductwork.


We now offer financing options to fit your budget.


RussCo provides Commercial 

Rooftop preventative maintenance, service, filter changes and installs. 


Many rooftop units get neglected. With our preventative maintenance program we will remember to maintain your units for you.


We also create systems for New Construction from start to finish.


Routine Maintenance

We offer a preventative maintenance program to keep your units running at peak performance. Once you sign up for our convenient program we will remind you when your unit is due for a cleaning. You will also recieve 15% off on all parts.


Routine Maintenance Form



RussCo Heating and Cooling is a family owned business that started May 2007. RussCo is named after the CEO of the company, Russ Sherrow. Russ has been in the heating and cooling industry for over 40 years. After working for other companies and managing a number of departments, he decided to pursue his dream and start his own business. Clients have chosen to continue using his services throughout the years, not only because he guarantees customer satisfaction, but he also builds amity and trust with each individual.

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RussCo Heating and Cooling Company

RussCo Heating and Cooling Company

RussCo Heating and Cooling Company Ductwork Install Commercial

Summit Homebuilders

For 15 years RussCo has been an essential part of our custom home building team.  When’s no two projects are the same, the expertise of their trained professionals is critical to achieving superior performance and efficiency that provides decades of comfortable living for our clients.   Any average company can sell a good product once, but RussCo excels in their generous extended warranty and service offerings. 
When I think of the RussCo team members, two words come to mind Trust and Value.   It is clear that personal character is a core value that is held equally to technical proficiency. Additionally, I would trust any of their team members to have access to my home and be in proximity to my family.   I am also aware of multiple occasions when I have Referred others to RussCo for service where they only provided the repairs that were needed and didn’t oversell to make extra money. 
In my professional opinion,  RussCo is simply the best choice in Heating & Air Conditioning.

Route 6 Development, LLC

" We have been with RussCo since its inception. Over the years, we have found investing in good people yields above average service and attention to detail. We have been very pleased with the service, attention to detail and pricing offered by RussCo. I have recommended RussCo to others for their value and service."



RussCo Heating and Cooling

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350 S. State Rd. 130

Hobart, IN 46342

Phone: 219-942-4822

Fax: 219-942-2665


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Get a quote: 219-942-HVAC
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